Noah Wickliffe – Bio


noah_image3BS Human biodynamics, MS Exercise physiology ( specialty in aging and performance), ACSM certified.

Practical Experience:
15 years experience coaching rowing from beginners to collegiate.

25 years personal training.

10 years health management through technology.

8 years technology and content development through MyoKinesis.

10 years researching and developing solutions for fitness and healthcare industries.

7 years studying and integrating Buddhism.
Story and expertise:

The above education and expertise were inspired and set in motion by a massive aneurysm I experienced at the age of 10. The aneurysm left me completely paralyzed on my left side. I eventually had a full recovery and went on to row competitively at Berkeley.

The keys to my recovery were consistent exercise, support and guidance along the way, and a strong internal drive. Years of working with people and helping them through health, disease and injury have shown me the "recipe" for good health and consistent wellness.

My move to incorporate technology into my background of biological science and human behavior was born out of a need to expand my services beyond the limitations of the traditional hourly training model. Technology and human behavior are similar in that they are both fluid and in a constant state of change and adaptation.

The successful integration of technology into people's lives is more than just the creation of new and more powerful features. It ultimately requires fulfilling a users needs and creating a positive and evolving relationship.

Creating consistent exercise behaviors that meet a persons evolving needs is a particularly challenging task with many solutions and evolving demands. The most affective and efficient way to address these challenges is through the utilization of the right technology that amplifies the skilled health practitioners expertise and evaluation. Data collection interpreted by professionals can be a powerful tool for change and improvement.

It is my view that technology and humanity have a symbiotic relationship and if used properly technology amplifies the human experience helping to solve problems and live better lives.