MyoLIFE Questions

General Questions about MyoLIFE

  1. What kind of experience or expertise do MyoLIFE Prescribers need to have?
  • MyoLIFE Prescribers are required to have a nationally recognized and accepted certification, as well as a college degree.  Some exceptions apply if there's a proven track record, and the individual has an established understanding of the complexity and caution needed when dealing with special populations.  MyoLIFE Prescribers are committed to evidence-based protocols and are constantly pursuing education and contributing to their greater understanding of the power of exercise.
  1. Can I access my profile on any kind of device (Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android)? Can I talk to my Prescriber using Skype?
  • As of right now, the APP works on the iPhone and iPad, however an APP for Android is expected to be available shortly. Users can access their profiles and communicate via the internet at any time. Skyping with your MyoLIFE PLUS Prescriber is certainly possible but should be requested up front.



1. How many exercises are in a typical MyoLIFE APP routine?
  • There are 24 exercises per APP module. There are currently 9 modules with new ones being added monthly.
2. If I do not like an exercise in the APP, can I request a new one?
  • It is not uncommon for a particular exercise to be contraindicated. Should an exercise cause pain or is inappropriate for any reason, we encourage a user to request an alternate exercise. This applies to APP users as well as PLUS users.
3. How often can I update my exercise routine?
  • For MyoLIFE APP users, the self-guided exercise modules are updated as the user progresses through the various levels. However, it is possible to take a break from one module and begin another if desired.
4. How often does the MyoLIFE APP get updated?
  • New exercise modules will be added to the MyoLIFE APP as needed
7. If I plan to travel or be away from the gym, can I request an alternate APP workout routine?
  • Absolutely. Please request workout routines that meet your current circumstances. The MyoLIFE APP is particularly useful when traveling, as you can take your "trainer" with you, and the majority of exercises in our database require minimal, if any, equipment.
8. I am pregnant. Can the APP provide a pregnancy workout for me? 
  • First of call, congratulations! Exercise during pregnancy is encouraged for most pregnancies. The more appropriately active a person is during pregnancy, the healthier the mom and baby are likely to be. However, all expectant mothers should first consult with the obstetrician before undertaking any kind of exercise program. The beginning and intermediate exercises in the APP are most likely appropriate during pregnancy. It is important to remember that mothers should always use good judgement and not expect the same performance from their bodies as they did pre-pregnancy.