Company Profile MyoLIFE Noah WickliffeMyoKinesis is a medically inspired and supported exercise content company promoting prescription exercise and its adoption across various disciplines and markets.

A privately held corporation, MyoKinesis was founded by Noah Wickliffe in 2009. Noah overcame extreme physical challenges as a result of a childhood disability, using structured exercise to recover.  He went on to become a competitive athlete, innovator, coach and mentor.

Noah received his B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley in Human Biodynamics, and an M.S. in Kinesiology from California State University in Hayward. He has competed in and coached rowing at the national level for high school, college and masters levels of competition.The creation of MyoKinesis is the culmination of his lifelong passion for exercise and the role that it plays in long-term health and wellness.

Myokinesis represents a fusion of biological sciences, 21st century technology and 3D animation artistry which are used together to create products that enhance skills, knowledge and human interaction. Part of the MyoKinesis philosophy is the belief that technology should facilitate and encourage communication and collaboration between people.

“Exercise is Medicine” is the underlying philosophy of MyoKinesis. Scientific studies have demonstrated that exercise is an extremely effective tool for combatting and/or preventing many illnesses, injuries, and health challenges. MyoKinesis is the vehicle that delivers access to exercise, and the resulting health benefits, to a wider demographic. The MyoKinesis and MyoLIFE platforms provide tools that enable both exercise professionals and medical practitioners to deliver their skills and expertise to a larger audience, with a focus on long-term support and guidance.