Here's How it Works:

  • After purchasing the app you will receive  a personalized workout program that will include a series of 24 animated exercises and stretching routines, as well as a suggested schedule.
  • Each animated exercise is viewable from multiple angles, which helps facilitate proper form.
  • The animations are accompanied by instructional bullet points.
  • The MyoLIFE app gives you the ability to ask questions when you encounter difficulty or need assistance. You are always an email away from an expert that can help safely guide you along your journey.
  • Along with a series of exercise animations, each user will receive a suggested routine, including frequency, number of reps, etc. Once the user feels that he has mastered any of his exercises, it's time to...

Ramp it Up!

The beauty of MyoLIFE is that it is ongoing, interactive and responsive to user needs. MyoLIFE keeps its users challenged and interested! Once an exercise has been mastered, the client simply logs into his MyoLIFE account and lets his Prescriber know that he is ready to move up to the next level. Within 8 hours, a new exercise module, or series of modules will be sent to the client's account.  Any time a client wants to shake up his routine or make changes, he simply needs to contact his Prescriber via text or email.

MyoLIFE On The Go:

Are you traveling and unable to make it to the gym? Or perhaps you would rather perform your exercises in the privacy of your own home and don't have access to exercise equipment. The MyoLIFE app can easily customize a program that will fit your needs and that can be implemented anywhere.

What Does It Look Like?

The following gallery includes a sampling of screenshots of the MyoLIFE App:


MyoLife App