The seeds for Myolife were planted 17 years ago with a 60 year old grandma who had never exercised and didn't sweat. She still doesn't sweat.

Years ago when I was fresh out of graduate school and starting out as an independent trainer I took on a new client. She was 60, had 3 kids 4 grandchildren and never really exercised.

Her health was over all good with the exception of arthritis in her knees and slightly overweight.  Finances were such that she could only come once a week, so we developed a relationship and created a model that worked for her. She would see me once a week and I would write down the 5 or 6 exercises we did during our session. She would come in on her own and dutifully do her " homework" which always included 10 minutes on the treadmill or other piece of exercise equipment.

17 years later she's still coming 3x a week. We have been through a hysterectomy , broken hips, a stroke and at times debilitating arthritis. I am happy to reports that she's still working, by choice, and her functional fitness is nearly as good as it was 16 years ago.

The magic to our model was Accountability, Consistency and Adapting our routine to account for life and health circumstances. This is the secret to good health and Longevity. Myolife was created to give greater access to this successful and sustainable model.


Guiding Principles

  1. The foundation of human health is based in common sense, consistency and relationships. MyoLife was created to facilitate all three of these. Algorithms and gadgets and smartphones can't replace the value of educated and trusted human guidance.
  2. The best exercise routine is one that you can do over time.
  3. There are no quick fixes or solutions.
  4. Exercise and relationships are the best medicine.
  5. We are all perfect just the way we are, with lots of room for improvement.