MyoLIFE Prescriber Information

MyoLIFE Prescribers are required to have a nationally recognized and accepted certification as well as a college degree.  Some exceptions apply if there’s a proven track record, and the individual has an established understanding of the complexity and caution needed when dealing with special populations.

The following graphic outlines the Prescriber-Patient interaction model when the Prescriber is an exercise specialist:


Prescriber Information - MyoLIFE

  • Meet*: Perform in in-person evaluation of your client that includes an initial exercise session;
  • Prescribe: Create a personalized exercise routine for the client in the Prescription Exercise Platform;
  • Adapt: Make ongoing adjustments to the exercise routine based upon the client’s progress and feedback;
  • Adhere: Send regular reminders and encourage accountability through regular communication with the client;
  • Track: Track and measure client’s progress by recording and archiving all exercise routines and correspondence;
  • Meet*: Meet periodically, depending on client needs, for in-person monitoring.

*Please note: In the MyoLIFE Plus platform, the Prescriber will typically meet with his clients in person, or as mutually arranged by the Prescriber and the client. In MyoLIFE APP, any necessary communication will be conducted via email.

If you are an exercise professional and meet the required MyoLIFE requirements, we encourage you to submit an application to become a Prescriber.