putting myolife to use


MyoLIFE provides exercise and healthcare professionals with the tools needed to make prescribed exercise an integral part of their practice.

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An essential component of the MyoLIFE platform is the means to extend ongoing adaptive support to every client or patient who receives an exercise prescription. This support would be provided by a trained fitness professional. In the case of medical patients, a medical practitioner would refer a patient to an exercise professional.

MyoLIFE’s five part adaptive support program gives the client or patient the value of personalized fitness training at a fraction of the cost. The following graphic outlines the MyoKinesis Prescriber – Patient interactive relationship:



The client would receive his exercise prescription in the form of 3-D animated exercises, which can be viewed on a computer or through our recommended mobile app. The MyoLIFE app can easily customize a program that will fit your needs and that can be implemented anywhere.